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Arabian Halter

So, I decided the other day that I was going to start a Native Arabian Presentation Halter and Collar set for my Peter Stone Arabian Great Xpectations. Using photos from Abby Marston and Jennifer Wilson's halters (to get my started on the right track), along with Abby's tutorials for making the braiding, beads, and charms...I've gotten about 3/4 of the way done. The tutorials for the braiding were actually really easy to follow, but I struck out completely with the charms since I couldn't find gold figaro chain that could be bent (the stuff I was finding just snapped when pressure was applied). Ended up making the charms completely from scratch with gold wire instead.

My color palette is a nice cream and ecru mix for the braiding with bright blue and green beads as the primary bead color and a secondary bead color of dark bronze. The Cowrie shell beads will be on backgrounds of bright blue and green with a accent touches of bright yellow for the background of the central collar charm (and a few other spots).

Don't have pictures of the halter yet (taking pics is not as simple a process as it should be at my house) since I won't take them until the whole thing's finished, but I'm done with all the braiding and base construction. Noseband charms are also done and attached. Tassels are on tonight's agenda as are the cowrie shell beads (which are actually started). I'm hoping it'll be done for the show on Saturday and at the rate I'm going, it looks like it very well might be...provided I don't go fluff headed in the next two days and procrastinate.

It should look a little bit like this when it's done. I have purposely built in some differences in style either due to personal preferences or because I wasn't able to get the same materials and also so that I can't be accused of copying directly...and of course the colors are different. But that's the basic style I'm aiming for.

Not sure yet if I'll be keeping it permanently or if I'll show it a few times and then stick it on eBay. The need to come up with NAN entry fees is still pressing and these type of halters generally sell for pretty decent anounts. It would be an easy way to come up with a decent chunk of cash and I can always make another one later. Hm...we'll see. I do want to show it a time or two first before I decide since I did pick the colors especially to match the horse and I've never owned one of these halters myself and actually really want one (my initial reason for starting the project).
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