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I do post once in awhile... [userpic]
Jumps Relisted to MXC
by I do post once in awhile... (wcspegasus)
at March 9th, 2006 (10:54 am)

These two jumps have been relisted to MXC. BIN prices have been lowered.



I do post once in awhile... [userpic]
Two Jumps on MXC
by I do post once in awhile... (wcspegasus)
at March 6th, 2006 (11:38 am)

I have two jumps on MXC with just over two days left on them. These are the first I've offered in years and they've both been shown before and helped horses pin.

Open LSQ Stablemate Scale Sunflower Jump - NAN Quality - Reserve is $45

Open LSQ Large Stablemate Scale Water Jump - NAN Quality - Reserve is $25

I will also have both of them at MAR if they don't sell on MXC this week.

And for anyone that might be interested in hearing about new jumps (I have a Pebbles scale Hunter Jump that I will be showing at MAR and selling afterward) or show results, Winding Creek Stables now has a LiveJournal Community and Yahoo!Group for announcements. I do plan to offer several jumps over the next few months in order to help pay for Breyerfest.

I may also be offereing landscaped foam bases if anyone's interested in replacing their felt squares or loose footing with something more stable, realistic and durable. Annoucements will be made to the journal and yahoogroup first, so members of either of those groups will have first dibs on anything for sale.

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