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Winding Creek Stables

Live Show Quality Model Horse Jumps and Props

Winding Creek Stables Jumps & Props
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An annoucements & discussion group for jumps and props made by Nichole Hertzog of Winding Creek Stables. New jumps for sale will be offered here and on the yahoogroup first.

I haven't sold a lot of jumps in the past but new pieces will be coming up for sale over the next few months as will custom landscaped bases and possibly a few horses as I thin both the herd and my props trunk. There are even a few pieces of high-quality tack that I may part with since I've retired the horses they show on. Keep an eye peeled here or the yahoogroup for announcements of group-only sales, auctions, and offers for custom work.


About the Artist

I exercise horses for friends and give lessons on my 10 year old Quarter Horse.

I've been collecting model horses for about 12 years and showing for 10 of those 11 years. I have a current collection of about 350 horses of which nearly 1/3 are show horses. I've been making my own props almost from the beginning but have just started selling a few select pieces.

I'm also a fandomer and sub-category sponsor for Pirates of the Caribbean and CSI/NCIS at Skyehawke. I do write fanfic on occasion for CSI, Pirates of the Caribbean and seaQuest. I love making icons for LJ. I also role play in the seaQuest and Star Trek fandoms.


Bragging Rights


NAN 2001 - Reserve Champion - CM UK/Other Draft
I Hope You Dance

NAN 2004 - Top Ten - OFP Stone Quarter Horse Stallions
NAN 2005 - Reserve Champion - OFP Peter Stone Quarter Horses
NAN 2005 - Top Eight - OF Performance - Western Games